O Mankind! Worship your Lord Who Created You.

This article is based on the revelation of God, the Qur’an. It is taken from what is found in lines 20-25 of chapter 2 of the Qur’an, which has been called The Chapter of the Cow (Surah Al Baqarah).

God has communicated clearly in it. He calls all mankind to worship Him. Muhammad, being the prophet to all people who haven’t yet had a prophet as well the prophet to those who have, has to address all mankind. He has called out to us: “O people! Worship your Lord!”.

While in the mission of Jesus the call was to The Children of Israel, Muhammad’s call is not specifically for one tribe. In Arabic, it’s “Yaa ayyuha an-nas”, which I have translated as “O people”, or “O mankind”.

All mankind is called to worship God. Why should we worship God? He created us and He created all the good things we have.

In the advice of the Qur’an, we’ve been reminded to worship God who set out the earth for us and set the sky over us and who sends down the rains and brings out our provision with the rains. You eat the provision, don’t you? You like your favourite fruit, don’t you? You appreciate the sunshine that shines down upon the fruit trees, don’t you?

If you love nature’s delights, it’s natural to feel gratitude towards the provider of them. And this feeling of gratitude is inside people, it’s in our nature. Worship is a more directed or more developed expression of this gratitude.

By worshipping God, we will get piety. If we truly believe and do good works, we will keep the good things we have and enjoy more good things. So worship is a step that leads to spiritual happiness.

How do we know there is a connection between worshipping and attaining piety? The end of the sentence in the holy book (Qur’an 2:20) says “that you attain piety”. Worship God so that you become pious. Piety is good to attain because piety causes a person to receive all kinds of other blessings from God, including more understanding of everything.

So, the message to us all is: worship your Creator who provided you with your favourite delights. Thus, you will know God better, and logically you will have spiritual development. Just like you can develop in other domains like science, how to love, how to earn, and so on, you can also develop spiritually.

Praise be to God who has provided for me and all mankind again and again.


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